How to find acting work in Pittsburgh


How to find acting work in Pittsburgh

How to find acting work in Pittsburgh

When you think of Pittsburgh, you don’t automatically think of Hollywood. Over the past couple of decades, Pittsburgh has become a popular place for Hollywood to come because of our unique city and beautiful views.

A lot of well known movies have been filmed here, actually. The most famous are Night Of The Living Dead, Flashdance, Groundhog Day and Silence Of The Lambs.  But there’s more – Dogma, Adventureland, The Dark Knight Rises and The Perks Of Being A Wallflower were also filmed in and around Pittsburgh.  The most recent movie filmed here was A Man Called Otto, starring Tom Hanks.  

So when Hollywood comes to town, it pays to be prepared.  An updated acting headshot and resume is key to attending an open audition.

If you don’t have an agent you can look for open casting calls.  Try these useful links:

Pittsburgh Casting 

Movie casting PGH

Pittsburgh Film Office


If you’re looking for an agent, you’ll want to have one headshot and one full-body photo.
Submit your most recent headshot and fill out the online talent application.  Here are some local agent links:

Nancy Mosser Casting

Talent Group

Donna Belajac Casting

So follow your dreams!  Starting your career in the Burgh could lead bigger things.