The Top 5 Things You Should Tell Your Event Photographer


The Top 5 Things You Should Tell Your Event Photographer

The Top 5 Things You Should Tell Your Event Photographer

With any event, as you probably already know, it is all about planning. No matter the event, how big or small it may be, there are details to plan and account for, and the larger the scale, the more moving parts there are. When you decide to book your event photographer in Pittsburgh, they will need to be briefed on a lot of these different parts. I put together a top five list of the most critical items your Pittsburgh event photographer needs to know.

1. SCHEDULE: Schedule in Advance – This seems pretty straightforward, but once your event is happening, you may or may not have the opportunity to go over a game plan with your photographer. By giving a schedule to your event photographer ahead of time, you ensure that they know what is going down and are ready to capture the important moments, regardless of whether or not you are available. After all, the fewer things you have to worry about, the better off you will be!

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2. VIP’S: Who are The VIP’s? – At every event, there are always those certain people that you must have a photo of. You know who they are, but unless you say something, your photographer may not.  Try to send over names and photos or links so that your event photographer can pick them out of the crowd. By doing this, you allow your photographer more freedom to capture the important moments and people that make you stand out. After all, the better the photos look, the better you look.



3. LIGHTING: What’s the light like? – Events all have different lighting scenarios. I have seen rooms that range from standard overhead can lights to full lighting setups that are perfectly coordinated and color balanced. It all depends on the event, and depending on your needs, your event photographer may need to bring additional equipment. Sometimes a client may require that no flash be used, or a full lighting setup may need to be brought in to supplement the house lighting. I’ve learned to come prepared for just about anything, but it is super helpful if I know before I get to the shoot.


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4. DETAILS: It’s all in the details – Your event photographer needs to know the details, especially if there is something special happening on stage.


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TURNAROUND: Turn It – How fast do you want or need your images, and in what format? Depending on how you need your images, and how soon, event photographer will have to make different arrangements. One of the primary examples is when you need the images delivered onsite immediately after the event, or if you will need photos uploaded throughout the event. This will require a laptop for sure, and either a reliable Internet connection, a flash drive, to transfer the images. If you can let them know in advance, they can make sure that all of your needs are accounted for, and that you receive your images as quickly as you would like!

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