eCommerce Photography in Fashion

ecommerce photography

eCommerce Photography in Fashion

eCommerce Photography in Fashion

If you already know of  Evelyn Rose Beauty and Theresa Glenn Photography, we’re thrilled!  Thank you for following along.  If you aren’t familiar with our movement yet, we created ERB and TGP years ago and we are excited to offer a new service in our businesses here in Pittsburgh, PA.  Unlike other niches around town, ERB and TGP pulls together for your experience to be professional and top notch! 

Shannon and Theresa here from Evelyn Rose Beauty  and Theresa Glenn Photography, reaching out with some exciting developments and opportunities we would love for you to be apart of.

We have some new developments that we are beyond eager to offer!   Here is what you’d experience with us.

eCommerce fashion photography

We are a full-service photography studio that specializes in eCommerce fashion photography for your online business.  From luxury fashion labels to boutique-style retailers and wholesalers, our team works with your brand to create high quality photography for your websites, look books, advertising campaigns, Amazon, Shopify, Instagram, web store and social media accounts.

We can accommodate clients with collections of any size and scale, and most importantly – we specialize in ON-MODEL PHOTOGRAPHY.  Location photography is also available for look books and lifestyle branding images. We would love to find out more about your project!  Please contact us so that we can evaluate your photography needs and provide a quote.



  • We will confirm rates and shoot date
  • We will confirm models, makeup looks, and hair styling
  • A hair and makeup artist is on hand in order to achieve the look you desire
  • You ship us your garments/products along with a detailed shot list and return slip
  • We photograph each garment/product showing front, back, side, and detailed views
  • We follow your styling requests to ensure all the details are to your approval
  • Join us via Facetime to see how the shoot is going
  • Access your hi-resolution images quickly via Dropbox
  • Finally, we return all garments/products upon completion via return slip you provided