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Headshot for a website

Website Headshot

Website Headshot

From CEOs to sole proprietors, smart businesspersons everywhere agree you need a sharp, current website headshot to compete in today’s economy.  Because Sylvia McCoy is one of these smart entrepreneurs, I had the pleasure of working with her on a new headshot and other photos to be used in her company’s online media.

Sylvia owns and operates the ‘Burgh Bits and Bites Food Tour, where tourists and locals alike can discover all the hidden culinary gems in the neighborhoods around Pittsburgh.  Each excursion gives customers a chance to experience the distinct local flavor, as it were, of various pockets of Pittsburgh and the surrounding area.  Plus it’s a walking tour, so you get to burn off all those calories while you eat – genius!

Sylvia came to my Bethel Park studio for a few shots to update her online presence.  She chose our hair and makeup package for maximum effect.  She brought a few different outfits, and we tried a few different poses and backdrops.  The end result is a current, sharp, professional website headshot perfect for online use.  Sylvia looks stunning, don’t you think?  It was a pleasure working with her and I can’t wait to take one of her amazing tours!

Anyone who has a website or a business card can relate to this: you took an amazing photo years ago, but as time passes it looks more and more dated.  Maybe it’s an old hairstyle, maybe you wore a v-neck t-shirt, maybe you wore a skinny tie – times have changed, and you need a new website headshot.  When potential customers visit your site, they expect an easy interface, that it’s mobile-ready, and that it doesn’t look stale.  So ditch that Geocities branding and your old AOL email address, and let us play with your look!

Hair by Heather Lucas

Makeup by Evelyn Rose Beauty