Hair and Makeup for Professional Headshots


Hair and Makeup for Professional Headshots

Hair and makeup for professional headshots.


Are you looking for hair and makeup for professional headshots?  Here at Theresa Glenn Photography, we’ve got you covered! I work with seasoned professionals whose style and experience are just the right thing to make your new headshot stand out in and make you look amazing.  


Our skilled team is capable of creating whatever look you’re interested in.  If you’re unsure, just say so! Is this for LinkedIn, your website, a business card, modeling, or acting?  Different businesses call for different looks; knowing your intention will help us suggest the best combination of hair and makeup.




We want to know what you like.  Before your session we will ask that you do research on what hairstyles you’re thinking about.  I personally love to look around on Pinterest for ideas.   Send us some examples, along with a picture of your hair length and outfits you are planning to wear.  



Makeup                                                                                                                                                                                             Realtor headshot

The two most important factors when considering a professional makeup application is how you want to look, and how your makeup will show up on camera.  Our professional makeup artist will know how to balance both for maximum effect. This is another great opportunity to send in examples of what look you wan to achieve.  As with hair, let us know what outfits you plan to wear, as your makeup can be tailored to match.


Everyone wants to look their best when presenting oneself in a business or professional setting.  Hair and makeup for professional headshots allow you to stand out against your competition. Call today; we look forward to making you look your best for your new headshot!